InBuPS represents and distributes the Demand Solutions suite for North Africa.

Demand Solutions is a global leader in integrated planning software for SMBs and SMIs.

Integrated Planning is a process led by General Management that assesses and revises the chronological projections of:

        • Demand: market needs through statistical and mathematical models that have proven themselves over the last 25 years,

        • Supply: translation of demand through supply chain planning,

        • The products and variations of the portfolio: introduction of new products, customers, suppliers, ..)

        • Strategic projects (opening of new factories, new stores, depots, ..),

        • And the Financial Plans that result from all the above.

This is done at the company's global level generally on a monthly basis and over a rolling planning horizon of 24 months or more.

The implementation of Integrated Planning is justified to provide the following financial benefits:

        • Increase the accuracy of the forecast by 18-25%.

        • Increased sales revenue by 10-25%.

        • Improved deliveries in time by 10-50%.

        • Inventory reduction of 18-46%

        • Reduced security stocks by 11-45%

        • Increase productivity by 30-45%

With a cumulative experience of almost 30 years in Tunisia, the USA, Europe and Russia, the two founders of the company InBUPS (representing Demand Solutions in Tunisia) propose the integration projects of this solution and services of high added value consulting, to help you achieve the performance levels on your activities mentioned above.



DSX : Supply Chain Planning Software Suite

Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex. Supply chain decisions that used to be relatively simple are now impacted by constantly changing factors that are often beyond your control. And every choice you make affects countless other business functions across your organization.

This means supply chain teams can no longer work in a bubble. If you want to make decisions that truly support your organization’s overall business objectives, you need real-time access to highly accurate business information. And you need an easy way to share your decisions with other stakeholders to help them make more informed choices.

Demand Solutions DSX gives you both: the ability to see how every decision you make affects all other aspects of your business, and the ability to share your work with other stakeholders easily. By configuring the built-in business rules of DSX, you can keep all your colleagues on track to meet the KPIs that are most important to your business.

Best of all, you can get up and running on Demand Solutions DSX without a major investment in software licenses or additional hardware. Because DSX is a software as a service (SaaS) platform, you gain access by paying a subscription fee. And DSX runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform—rather than in your data center—to minimize the burden on your IT staff.

APS : Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Demand Solutions Advanced Planning & Scheduling is a powerful, easy-to-use production scheduling solution for generating accurate schedules that take into account constraints around machines, personnel, tooling and inventory. It enables manufacturers to balance material, capacity, and shop floor schedules simultaneously to meet customer demands on time and at the lowest possible cost.

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